Easter during Corona-times

Happy Easter from the “engineering frontline” against COVID-19!

While the Easter bunny is working hard, so are we! Corona unforntunately takes no Easter holidays.

Our project teams continue to work diligently and have come a long way.

While our mission is to create quickly implementable solutions for healthcare, helpfulETH also relies strongly on our healthcare partners for testing and evaluation – this is of essential importance to assure usability!

Physicians are giving generously of their scarce time to support our project teams with expert know-how and testing for fast implementation. This has proven very successful – our first products are used in hospitals already and others are being tested as we write.

Seeing that the reception in hospitals is one of great appreciation among burdened healthcare personnel only inspires us to work even harder!

One of the few helpfulETH meetings in person (David Ochsner & Daniel Kirschenbaum strictly keeping a 2 m distance though!). Very well working prototype for “Communication in infectious environments”.
Prototype for “Communication in infectious environments” – testing at Universitätsspital Zürich!
Up until now 800+ face shields have been produced and are already being used in several hospitals all over Switzerland. There are many, many more to come. Spirits at the Makerspace of the Student Project House are high, even though social distancing and working in shifts can be challenging.
Our team is working hard to keep up the production of face shields and patiently and diligently incorporates feedback from healthcare workers and physicians on the front lines.
Finding a way to relieving the prone positioning process is of great help to unburden hospital staff – since rotating a patient is a personnel-intense procedure. In order to reduce bottlenecks, our team has developed an app for agile work planning and a system for easing the positioning process.
The “taco and pillow” system by our team working on relieving the prone positioning process helps to improve the rotation process as well as the lying position of the patient.
Our team working on hygiene rules in elderly homes is creating pictograms for elderly homes all over Switzerland, designed to remind staff members to be vary of behaving safely at all times – also during their leisure time. Hygiene behavior rules have to be repeated frequently, since people have a tendency to forget about them. – Something we can all relate to!

The above are a few excerpts from some of our current projects – just like us, we hope that you are proud and happy to witness the diversity of projects that we are working on, thanks to the far-ranging skill set of our volunteers!

With that, we return to the workbench and wish you all a happy and healthy Easter!