Are you a health care professional in need of solutions developed by helpfulETH?

Our products are free for any healthcare institution in Switzerland.
We will do our best to meet every demand, but cannot guarantee immediate fulfillment of high volume requests.

Face Shields. We produce simple RC3.1 face shields for use by healthcare personnel or for protection when engaging in interpersonal contact. The shields are manufactured according to an optimized construction of the Prusa model. We use injection molding for the frames and punching tool technique for the visors, made out of PET.

The project “Face Shields for Switzerland” is a cooperation of Hochschule für Technik Rapperswil, ETH Zürich and industry partners Geberit and Swiss Prime Pack under the umbrella of helpfulETH. We have already supplied more than 1000 face shields to facilities throughout Switzerland.

RC 3.1 face shield with injection molded frame and PET visor.

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Here you find results and solutions that have sprung out of the various projects within helpfulETH.

Results and solutions can take the form of:
– prototypes
– animations
– best practices
– instructions
– summary of findings

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  • Polyvent
    The Polyvent project evaluated whether it is reasonable to increase ventilation capacities in countries with resource-limited clinical infrastructure and how the pathway for the industrialization of a minimal-function ventilator in Switzerland could look like. Our main…
  • Proning Taco
    Hospitals treating COVID-19 patients around the world are using the prone-positioning of patients with Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) as an effective therapy to increase blood oxygenation and reduce mortality. Turning anesthetized patients safely requires at…
  • Pathogen Containment for Interactive Devices (PACID)
    The PACID system aims to shield portable electronic devices (such as phones, pagers, etc.) from surface contamination while maintaining access to its features (touchscreen, buttons, microphone, loudspeaker). For this, the PACID system introduces a disposable plastic…
  • Mask Recycling Process
    This project investigated possible recycling methods for face masks like FFP2 or N99. Below, you will find a collection of our findings. More on the project behind these findings: Mask Recycling ProcessFor inquiries on this project, please…
  • Face Shields
    We offer 3D printed face shields based on the RC3.1 design. This design is a popular emergency solution around the globe and multiple hospitals in Switzerland already use this product to supplement their limited supply of…