The Polyvent project evaluated whether it is reasonable to increase ventilation capacities in countries with resource-limited clinical infrastructure and how the pathway for the industrialization of a minimal-function ventilator in Switzerland could look like.

Our main result is a report with the title “Deployment of ventilators to developing countries: A critical review in light of the Covid-19 crisis”. It contains all our findings and recommendations and has the following main chapters:

  1. Part I: Covid-19 treatment and required resources
  2. Part II: Local healthcare situation and ventilator demand
  3. Part III: Implementation concepts and device development
  4. Part IV: Finalisation of product development, regulator affairs and industrialisation
  5. Conclusion and recommendation

The report was sent to the ETH Executive Board on 6.5.2020. The Board will decide to whom the ETH presents the report to and if there will be a second phase of this project.

More on the project behind this report: Polyvent Report
For inquiries on this solution, please contact: Prof. Dr. Mirko Meboldt