Hygiene rules for personnel of elderly homes during work and leisure time


Preventing COVID-19 entrance in elderly homes

Elderly homes are completely locked down. There are only two entry points for the COVID-19. Either through the acceptance of new patients infected before entering the home or through staff members.

This project focuses on staff members. They constantly need to remember to behave safely during their leisure time. Hygiene behavior rules have to be repeated frequently; otherwise, people forget about them.

This project contains emotional aspects. We must understand why staff members sometimes might take risks during their leisure time. We have a social scientist on staff to understand the human realism of unsafe behaviors.


We want to create very simple visuals, which can be displayed in elderly homes all over Switzerland. The visuals need to strike a chord with the person who reads them. They can be put at the entrance (on both sides of the doors), in the bathrooms, and every other strategic place possible.

We have agreed on a workflow with one hospital. We can send them simple visuals on a daily basis, which they can present to the emergency council every morning, and they can decide which one/ones are the most adequate to use.

Testing should also be conducted with other elderly homes in Switzerland.


Team Leader: Carole Rapo
Coaches: Andreas Michalski, Enrico Soccimaro
Team Members: Charon Orjela, Annalisa Stefanelli, Robin Hanhart, Attabik Awan, Angela Patricia Leon, Maria Pensa